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The Voltex Watch's products are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects during one year from the date of purchase. In case such defects appear in proper using circumstance, the products shall be repaired or adjusted free of charge by Voltex Watch.
Customer shall inform Voltex Watch of the situation and Watch-No. which is marked on the back case and also written in the warranty card by means of E-mail or telephone. After noticing Voltex Watch, the product and the warranty card shall be sent to Voltex Watch by freight correct.

Tourbillon is very sensitive to shocks because of its structure reason. Accordingly in case of defect which is occurred by excessive shock caused by the carelessness of customer, Voltex Watch is free from the responsibility of the defect.


Voltex Watch is willing to take responsibility for the maintenance of the watch after customer's purchase. Maintenance shall be done by the sufficiently skilled "Certified Master Watchmaker (C.M.W.)" in Japan.
The basic charge for overhaul of Tourbillon watch is JPY94,500-, shipping cost is excluded.


All products of Voltex Watch are strictly inspected and assembled by the skilled craftsman at the atelier in Japan. For each component, e.g. movement, case, dial, strap etc., Voltex Watch procure them from all over the world, as the highest qualities.

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